As Chicagoans, we’re proud of our neighborhoods. From city to suburbs and everywhere in between, we love where we live and we want to see our communities thrive. However, gaps in healthcare, education and employment threaten to destabilize our region and the people who live here. That’s why United Way of Metro Chicago is committed to fighting for the health, education, financial stability, and safety of every person in every neighborhood across the Chicago region.


Regular doctor’s visits. Nutritious food options. Counseling and mental health care. These are all things that come to mind when we hear the word “health.” However, not everyone in Chicago has access to these essentials. United Way works to increase access to care by connecting families to health insurance, primary care physicians, prevention programs and mental health support.

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1 in 5

CPS students do not have health insurance

1 in 4

Chicago adults do not have a primary care provider


Cook County children covered by CHIP / Medicaid


People received mental health support through our partners


People connected to primary care physicians through our partners


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In Chicago, poverty and limited funding often prevent students from succeeding in school and achieving their full potential. While no single agency alone can prepare students for success in high school and beyond, United Way works to provide a network of services that support both the student and the entire family for extended impact.

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Current CPS high school dropout rate


CPS students from low-income households


Pre-K children served by our partner agencies


Middle school students received services


Educational agencies funded by United Way


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Financial Stability

For some Chicago area residents, unemployment or low-wage employment keep financial stability far from reach. Many must choose between filling the fridge or filling a prescription. Through our partner programs, United Way increases financial stability by focusing on job training, financial literacy and tax assistance for residents who need it most.

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1 in 5

Unbanked or underbanked households* (*Across the IL, WI and IN region)

1 in 4

Renter households spend more than half of their income on housing costs


Average neighborhood poverty rate


People received services from our partner agencies


People received job placement support from our partners

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Safety Net

When you don’t know where your next meal is coming from or if you have a safe place to stay, your goals and aspirations are the last thing on your mind. At United Way, we work with social service providers to ensure fundamental needs are met—such as food, housing and safety from abuse. This creates a solid platform from which all of our neighbors can build a better future.

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Chicago area residents experiencing food insecurity


Locals experiencing homelessness on an average winter night


Homeless women who report domestic violence as the cause of their homelessness


People provided with housing assistance through United Way


People accessed services related to abuse / domestic violence

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Where we do it

City of

suburban region

West suburban

suburban region

City of Chicago

The City of Chicago is made up of 77 diverse and dynamic neighborhoods. Currently, 2.7 million people call the city home, but not everyone has access to the wealth of resources that Chicago has to offer—nearly 22% of the population lives below the poverty line. United Way is working with partner agencies and community stakeholders at the neighborhood level to bring about city-wide change.

North-Northwest suburban region

The North-Northwest Suburban Region is known for its areas of prosperity. Yet, as this region becomes more diverse, economic disparity between communities of color and white communities has become more apparent. United Way and our local partners are working to increase equity in the areas of health, education, financial stability and safety. Download the regional profile sheet to learn more.

South-Southwest suburban region

“The Southlands,” as it is commonly known, is home to 20% of Cook County’s suburban population. Parts of the region lack access to basic needs such as food, housing and safety from abuse. In partnership with 34 area agencies, United Way is has been able to connect more than 95,000 people with the services and resources they need. Download the regional profile sheet to learn more.

West suburban region

This area is known for residential communities, clustered office parks and a great potential for economic mobility. However, a rise in poverty and decreased social services funding is negatively impacting these neighborhoods. United Way partners with 43 west suburban agencies to increase safety net services and to improve the community for all who live there. Download the regional profile sheet to learn more.

Discover our Neighborhood Networks

United Way Neighborhood Networks gather residents and community leaders around a common goal to tackle each neighborhood’s most pressing needs.

Neighborhood Networks

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