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Announcing the 2023-2025 Board Chair

United Way of Metro Chicago is honored to announce the appointment of Linda Coberly, Chair, Appellate & Critical Motions at Winston & Strawn LLP, to a two-year term as the Chair for the Board of Directors for 2023-2024 and 2024-2025.

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Announcing the 2023-2024 Campaign Chair

United Way of Metro Chicago is honored to announce David C. Blowers, Vice Chairman of Northern Trust, as Chair of the 2023-2024 annual fundraising Campaign, which began on July 1.

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Como inmigrante puedes estar desaprovechando algunas ayudas diseñadas para ti: te contamos

Gabriel García, director de 211 Metro Chicago, señala que a través de esta línea los latinos pueden encontrar ayuda para buscar empleo, asistencia alimentaria, programas de salud mental y hasta servicios legales; sin embargo, asegura que los inmigrantes no están aprovechando este recurso. "Cuando la gente tiene cualquier necesidad puede llamar y conocer cuáles son las opciones en sus comunidades", indica García.

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Place-based effort to build stronger communities expanding to Harvey with help from 'community quarterbacks'

A new effort to build a stronger Harvey officially launched earlier this month. It’s called the Transforming Places Harvey Neighborhood Network, and two trusted Harvey organizations are taking the lead.

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CBS 2 joins the United Way for April Food Day to curb food insecurity

It is a massive operation meant to help families struggling with food insecurity. Thursday is April Food Day and CBS 2 is proud to partner with the United Way to help.

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District 228 students participate in United Way's "April Food Day"

Students from Hillcrest and Oak Forest High School Key Clubs volunteered their time to support the United Way’s “April Food Day” on Thursday, April 27. Students helped with food collection and distribution from 9 a.m. to 12:30 p.m. at the Tinley Park Convention Center.

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CBS 2, United Way partnering for 'April Food Day'

It's a massive operation meant to help families in need. Thursday is April Food Day - an annual food distribution event - and CBS 2 is proud to partner with the United Way to tackle food insecurity.

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Chicago’s Network of Giving Announces Partnership with United Way of Metro Chicago

Network of Giving announced that United Way of Metro Chicago joins as a nonprofit partner for the Chicago launch. The Network of Giving is a powerful, hyper-local digital platform enabled by financial services that fosters a community-minded movement through the connection of local consumers and merchants to community organizations while creating efficiencies in digital fundraising.

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BMO celebrates record setting Employee Giving Campaign

Recently, we got a first-hand look at the first ever BMO flash mob dance at the United Center celebrating the exceptional and record breaking 2022 Employee Giving Campaign. That makes BMO the number one United Way donor in Chicago for the last ten years.

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Nicor and United Way join forces on program to pour funds into Elgin early education, job training efforts

United Way of Metro Chicago and the Nicor Gas Foundation are expanding their Neighborhood Network Initiative into Elgin, making a $600,000 investment in local community education efforts. Elgin became the 14th Neighborhood Network Initiative in the Chicago area, with money pledged to increasing early education preparation, building a trauma-informed care school culture and ensuring students leave high school prepared for the global workforce, officials announced Wednesday.

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United Way, Nicor Gas Foundation bring community program to Elgin

United Way of Metro Chicago is expanding its Neighborhood Network Initiative to Elgin, bringing the agency's expertise and funding from the Nicor Gas Foundation with it. The program is a neighborhood-based investment model that addresses needs in the community with a goal of improving residents' quality of life.

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United Way of Metro Chicago Launches Neighborhood Network in Elgin with Leadership Gift from Nicor Gas Foundation

“United Way has a long-standing relationship and partnership with the Elgin community,” said United Way of Metro Chicago President and CEO Sean Garrett. “Along with the Nicor Gas Foundation, we are thrilled to work with our partners at Alignment Collaborative for Education to launch the Elgin Neighborhood Network and reaffirm United Way’s commitment to the residents of Elgin."

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2-1-1 Helpline Connects Cook County Residents to Social Services

Far too often, people don’t know where to turn for help. Which is why 211 Metro Chicago is such a crucial resource. Now, instead of a flyer with more than 60 phone numbers and resources, there is one simple number to call for help: 2-1-1.

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