Today we are mourning for our city and our nation. For many of our neighbors, the death of George Floyd felt like too much to bear as we face both a health and economic crisis. We hear you and we want to assure you that we are right here with you. We also know that our words will not be enough. It’s what we do that matters.

We can’t change the history of our city, and how it has shaped the inequities that have endured throughout the region but we can take responsibility for the future. Together, we can dismantle the systematic inequalities that have led to the wealth and death gaps in our neighborhoods, the disproportionate health outcomes that exist along racial and economic lines, and the public and economic policies that have failed our communities of color.

We are committed to --

1.) Working together to heal, find solutions, and build a more equitable and just region.
2.) Partnering with community-based organizations, following their leadership on how to address issues of housing, economic development and institutional racism in neighborhoods.
3.) Advocating for the reforms and community support necessary to bring justice and equity to our society.

And we are committed to you, our neighbors.

Sean Garrett
President & CEO
United Way of Metro Chicago

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