United Way of Metro Chicago and The Allstate Foundation Present
Stability for Survivors: Supporting Domestic Violence Survivors through Financial Empowerment

We hope you found yesterday’s conversation enlightening and found a deeper understanding on how crucial the role of economic empowerment plays in the stability for domestic violence survivors. Thank you, to our panelists, The Allstate foundation and Women United for making this event possible.

For those that were unable to join us you can view a recording of the event.

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As part of an ongoing, decades-long partnership, The Allstate Foundation, United Way of Metro Chicago and our community partners have teamed up to financially empower survivors of domestic violence and financial abuse. 96% of domestic violence survivors have experienced financial abuse – when someone restricts another person from making, saving or spending money. As a result, survivors of domestic violence face serious financial challenges and struggle to find a safe place to live, put food on the table, and to find and hold a job. To provide survivors with critical support, the Allstate Foundation’s Moving Ahead Curriculum and training brings tangible resources and training materials to local partners, helping them build their capacity to support more people. Read More

About Women United

Women United is a dynamic group of women leaders who believe lasting change happens when we bring our unique passions and experiences to the table and work toward a common goal. Women United is moving United Way’s mission forward by building connections, furthering the work of local agencies and supporting women who are experiencing transitions such as those related to employment, school or motherhood.

Interested in learning more? Visit Women United landing page.

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