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Volunteer Portal

Our volunteer portal provides a variety of volunteer opportunities for individuals and corporate groups – ranging from virtual mock job interviewing and resume building, to organizing food pantries and gardening at a local community center. New opportunities are frequently added based on community need. Create an account in the portal to sign up for opportunities, track your volunteer hours, and follow your favorite agencies to stay updated on their latest opportunities.


Pack and Learn Care Projects

Cultivate team spirit while giving back to help your neighbors meet some of their basic needs by assembling a Care Project. Volunteers will assemble kits of essential supplies requested by United Way agency partners. Options range from literacy kits for kids to kits for families and new parents. Learn more about the different kit offerings and how you can get involved.


Annual Days of Action

Would you like to get out and into the community for a day or a few hours? Through our annual Days of Action projects, we offer a variety of opportunities to work with United Way community partners. Annual projects include April Food Day, Back to School Supply Drive, 9/11 Service Event, and Uniting for the Holidays. Visit our Annual Days of Action page to learn more about each project.

Give Money.

Invest in people. Invest in your neighborhood. Invest in a stronger Chicago.


Give Time.

Share your time. Share your talents. Share your love for community.

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