United Way of Metro Chicago In-person Pack and Learn Care Projects give your employees a chance to meet a community need without ever leaving the office—we bring the project to you! Once you select which project you’d like to complete, we’ll work with your team to facilitate the event for you or provide you with all the information and instructions you need to self-facilitate your team’s care project.

After completing a care project, your team will better understand some of the issues impacting our neighbors and how, united, we are building stronger neighborhoods for a stronger Chicago region.


Literacy Kits:
Each Literacy Kit (Lit Kit) includes a book and a volunteer-created prop, game, or other activity to make reading interactive and enjoyable.

Completed Lit Kits are distributed to early learning centers, after-school programs, and local schools. Our three Lit Kits are Goodnight Moon, Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See, and I Am Yoga.

Hygiene Kits:
Self-care is an important part of feeling safe and healthy, and personal hygiene items go a long way in addressing these needs.

These kits include soap, shampoo, deodorant, combs, dental and skin care items, all packaged in a Ziploc bag.

Snack Packs:
Hunger is a real issue that many of our neighbors’ face across the region.

Help support this need by packing a snack pack which includes items such as trail mix, fig bars, goldfish, granola bars, fruit snacks, apple sauce, and more.

Baby Kits:
Baby Kits provide the essentials new parents need to care for their babies— including diapers, wipes, formula, and laundry detergent—which volunteers will assemble into kits.

School Supply Kits:
Backpacks and new school supplies are items that every student needs to take on a new school year.

School Supply Kits should contain pens, pencils, folders, notebooks, highlighters, and rulers, all packaged into a backpack.

New Home Kit:
When transitioning from homelessness or fleeing domestic violence, the opportunity to move into a new home, while essential, can be costly.

Volunteers can help these individuals by providing household items such as towels, hand/dish soap, cleaning supplies, lightbulbs, trash bags, laundry supplies, and more.

Senior Kits:
Senior Citizens are some of the most overlooked and forgotten members of our community, often facing isolation while also struggling with a fixed income.

To help seniors feel more engaged and independent, Senior Kits include coiled wrist key chains, puzzles, hand sanitizer, healthy snacks, journals, adult diapers, magnifying glasses, blankets, and toilet paper.

Ready to get started?
Please complete and submit the virtual pack and learn care project request form and a United Way team member will follow-up with next steps and confirm all the details for your care project. United, we will build stronger neighborhoods for a stronger Chicago region.

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