Cicero Bold goal

10,000 Cicero children and youth will meet academic and developmental milestones.

Where we’ve been

The Cicero Neighborhood Network seeks to prepare children for success in 3rd grade and beyond by expanding access to early learning programs, by creating safe community spaces for families and by supporting economic success for parents and guardians.

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Early learning

  • Two education forums reached more than 100 community members and school officials.
  • 170 families were referred for early childhood services.
  • Nine parent ambassadors were hired and trained for the Early Childhood Committee.
  • Five Cicero Community Collaborative members participated in the University of Notre Dame’s Nonprofit Certificate Education program.
  • Collaborative relationships with local school districts were formed.

Safe communities

  • 136 Cicero Police Department officers and 10 command staff received trauma-informed Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) training. The Network plans to extend training to school social workers and security staff.
  • 300 parent ambassadors served as part of the “Parent Patrol” which ensures that kids have safe passage to and from school.

Where we’re going

Building upon its community-fueled success, the Cicero Community Collaborative will focus on improving student academic success, increasing parent involvement, and improving safety in the schools and community.

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Academic success

  • Cicero Community Collaborative has secured funding for nearly 800 spots for preschoolers to attend a pre-K program.
  • Schools are now offering all-day kindergarten. This establishes supports for early childhood success.

Parent involvement

20 additional parents will be recruited and trained for the Cicero Early Childhood Committee.

Creating a culture of safety

  • J. Sterling Morton East High School plans to train all 370 high school teachers as well as its security staff on how to better prevent and deal with the effects of trauma.
  • After training nine parent ambassadors for the Early Childhood Committee, the Cicero Neighborhood Network has plans to recruit and train 20 additional parents.

Hear from your neighbors and supporters

Mariana Osoria

Vice President of Centers for Family Focus; Co-Chair of the Cicero Community Collaborative

“It’s been inspiring to see Cicero residents, social service organizations, schools and the town come together to create lasting change for our community. We’ve all experienced the impact this collaboration has on our community...”

Richard Besser

MD Robert Wood Johnson Foundation President and CEO

“The 2018 [Robert Wood Johnson Foundation] Culture of Health Prize winners understand good health requires far more than access to good health care. It requires a thriving community with access to quality education, good jobs, and safe, affordable housing. Cicero is engaging community members in decision-making to give all residents the opportunity to live well.”

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