Park Forest / Richton Park Community Vision

As a new Neighborhood Network launched in 2023, Park Forest / Richton Park will build its coalition and refine its community vision over the next three years

Neighborhood Network in Action

The Park Forest / Richton Park Neighborhood Network has promising plans and vision for strengthening their local community. Plus, they have a high degree of readiness to succeed in implementing the Neighborhood Network model. 

Coalition Highlights

OAI is leading the vision and work of the Park Forest / Richton Park Neighborhood Network. OAI’s mission is to provide skills training that leads to safe, meaningful employment while helping companies and communities to thrive. Their vision is for everyone to reach their career potential, work safely, and build a good life.  

Hear From Your Neighbors and Supporters

Cherise Williams

Park Forest/Richton Park Neighborhood Network Organizer, OAI

“This investment in Park Forest/Richton Park is an investment in our residents and in their future. The Neighborhood Network will help us to restore the residents of Park Forest and Richton Park with decision-making power and a voice to advocate for their specific needs and improve their neighborhoods and their livelihood.”

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