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Internet Access Connects Whole Families to Learning

On any given school day, Hayde Gallegos’ children can be found logged into their virtual classes, learning science or jumping around the living room for PE. Though the timing of their lessons are...

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Cicero Collaborative Feeds Community

In late October, Cicero Community Collaborative (CCC) and its partners fed more than 500 Cicero residents at a local food drive. Residents took home boxes of meat, baked goods and fresh produce such...

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Chicago Women Make History

  Women have pioneered change since the beginning of time. They’ve fought for their rightful place in history and against all odds made a difference in our city and world. This Women’s...

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Job Training Gives Workers New Lease on Life

When 44-year-old Jennifer Edwards beat ovarian cancer for the second time, she had two options. She could re-enter the import industry she’d been successful in for 20 years before cancer rendered...

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United Way-BET Relief Funds Help Build the Leaders of Tomorrow

25-year old Jason Henderson has been molded and shaped since he first stepped foot through the doors of the Young Men’s Education Network (YMEN) in sixth grade. At the time, Jason always felt out...

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Black History Lives in Our Neighborhoods

  Chicago history is Black history, and Black history is Chicago history. The Windy City has raised and welcomed Black leaders, creatives, builders and helpers for generations, from journalist...

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South Chicago Network Trains Neighbors On Crisis Response

Luz Sanchez, a community connector in South Chicago, used to feel uncomfortable talking about mental health. Because of stigmas, these conversations can feel overwhelming or...

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United Way Donors Deepen Commitment to Community

United Way connects to many of our generous donors through their workplaces. Each year, our corporate partners host giving campaigns for their employees to contribute to causes they care...

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Neighbors Call for Mental Health Treatment, Not Further Trauma

In Chicago, residents on the Southwest Side have less than one (0.2) full-time therapist per thousand residents, despite reporting mental health as a top health concern for their families. In...

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It Takes a Village to Raise a Child

Last Christmas, Jasmine*, mother of 4-year-old Camila, decided she had to leave Tri-Con Child Care Center. Not because she didn’t like what the center offered but because she simply couldn’t...

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Uniting for the Holidays Lifts Families’ Spirits

Ms. Gelinda Davis, a single mother of three who lives in Blue Island, is one of the countless mothers doing everything she can to stabilize her family as the pandemic drags on, and its financial and...

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Response Fund Supports Local Youth

12-year-old Afam from Bronzeville has always been a shy kid. They’ve never been the first one to speak up or volunteer. But being in school and around friends was a comfort.  When the pandemic...

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