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Internet Access Connects Whole Families to Learning

On any given school day, Hayde Gallegos’ children can be found logged into their virtual classes, learning science or jumping around the living room for PE. Though the timing of their lessons are...

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Cicero Collaborative Feeds Community

In late October, Cicero Community Collaborative (CCC) and its partners fed more than 500 Cicero residents at a local food drive. Residents took home boxes of meat, baked goods and fresh produce such...

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Wrap-around Services Help DV Survivors Move Forward

Last year, Sonia and her two daughters fled their home from physical, emotional and financial abuse at the hands of her husband. For years, he hit and choked Sonia and encouraged the girls to hurt...

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Peacekeeping on the Streets of Austin

“I’ve been shot on the same block three times. It’s the same block that I protect now,” said David “Mecca” Penn. David grew up in the Austin neighborhood, and today, he is leading a fight...

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Protecting In-Home Care Workers

For some essential workers being on the front lines doesn’t mean going to a hospital or doctors’ office every day, but rather someone’s home. Despite the great risks, home care aides like...

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