In late October, Cicero Community Collaborative (CCC) and its partners fed more than 500 Cicero residents at a local food drive. Residents took home boxes of meat, baked goods and fresh produce such as onions, tomatoes and avocados. This event was created to combat food insecurity in the community.

Food insecurity has increased in Cicero, as residents have lost wages and their jobs due to COVID-19. Many families in Cicero do not qualify for government assistance, like a stimulus check or unemployment, and are relying on events like these.

Strong community partnerships in Cicero made this event possible. CCC coordinated the food drive with support from Bimbo Bakeries USA, the Town of Cicero and United Way of Metro Chicago, as well as our partners Greater Chicago Food Depository; the Chicago Federation of Labor, Bakery, Confectionery, Tobacco Workers, Grain Millers International Union; and BCTGM Local 1.

With continued donations from their partners, CCC hopes to continue hosting more food drives like this as the pandemic continues.

Watch the video below to learn more! 

Story by Jessica Jones, AmeriCorps Multimedia Journalist

Video by Tate Samata, AmeriCorps Multimedia Journalist