Last Christmas, Jasmine*, mother of 4-year-old Camila, decided she had to leave Tri-Con Child Care Center. Not because she didn’t like what the center offered but because she simply couldn’t afford it. 

Providing for her family has been hard since Jasmine’s husband lost his job. They couldn’t afford rent, let alone pay their copay for Camila’s day care. What could they do? Who could they turn to?

Facing tough decisions, Jasmine decided it would be best for Camila if they moved to Indiana for a cheaper cost of living. Though not ideal, it seemed like the best move to make. 

When Tri-Con learned the family would be evicted from their home, their team immediately stepped in to connect them to resources.

Tri-Con told Jasmine about their scholarship program, largely funded by United Way of Metro Chicago. United Way funds organizations, like Tri-Con, that provide basic needs and educational programs to children and families. With our support, Tri-Con is able to bring a sense of normalcy to families like Jasmine and Camila’s. 

The scholarship provided Camila’s family with tuition until they got back on their feet! 

With support from United Way partner agencies, Tri-Con also was able to connect the family to resources, including food and medical care. such as food banks and health professionals. 

This was great news but housing remained a big concern for Jasmine and the family.

So, Tri-Con looked to their own for additional help. One of Tri-Con’s board members had a two-bedroom living space that was being renovated. They offered Jasmine, Camila and the family to stay there rent free as long as they agreed to keep up the property.

Finally, Jasmine, Camila and the family had a roof over their heads, just in time to quarantine safely from COVID-19.

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*Names of clients have changed to ensure their privacy. 

Story by Jessica Jones, AmeriCorps Multimedia Journalist