Local couples Julie and Matt Rothschild and Amy and Joshua Rosenow hosted a virtual trivia night with more than 50 friends to raise money for the Response Fund.

Moving Forward Together -- United Way of Metro Chicago

Congrats to Niles West High School's Class of 2020!

Our region is slowly reopening, but our neighbors are still facing great challenges. 

United Way of Metro Chicago and our partner The Chicago Community Trust are continuing to respond to their needs by investing in front-line nonprofits and community organizations through the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund. To date, we’ve raised more than $33 million and invested $18.3 million in 285 organizations helping our neighbors pay their bills, put food on the table and meet their most basic needs. 

This long-term support is possible thanks to the generosity of the Response Fund’s Founders and our corporate partners, as well as the thousands of donors who dug into their pockets and hosted creative fundraisers to make a difference in these uncertain times. 

Making Fundraising Fun

A few weeks into the state shutdown, local couples Julie, an emergency room doctor on the front lines, and Matt Rothschild and Amy and Joshua Rosenow, a neurosurgeon, hosted a virtual trivia night with more than 50 friends to raise money for the Response Fund. 

They laughed, played games, and won prizes, like bourbon and toilet paper and vodka and disinfectant wipes. And ultimately they contributed $1,135 to support their community. 

“We were bored, missed our friends and wanted to come up with a way to have fun and raise money to help Chicago fight COVID-19,” Amy said. “We chose the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund because you are coordinating a thoughtful allocation of funds among the many non-profit organizations who are working to support Chicagoans affected by COVID, thus allowing our dollars to go where they are needed most.” 

High School Seniors Rally Support 

After their graduation celebrations came to screeching halt, Niles West High School’s Class of 2020 turned an unfortunate situation into an opportunity to help others. 

Every year, the senior class has a Nerf-gun competition called “Gotcha” and teams pay $15 to play. At the end of the tournament, the winning team takes the pot. Since their activities were cancelled, the class decided to donate the $800 they raised to those in need. 

“Giving back to our community is always the Niles West way,” said Adele Turcotte, a Niles West senior who is headed to the University of Ottawa this fall. “We love everyone in our community and giving this money to the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response [Fund] just felt right. Knowing that this money will help people in getting food, water and the health care that they need is what inspired us.” 

Mind, Body, Community

For the last few months, Lane Fenrich, a yoga instructor from Edgewater, has donated the proceeds from his Monday morning virtual classes to the Response Fund. 

About 20 people tune in each week via Zoom to practice yoga and support a good cause. In total, Lane and his students have raised more than $1,800. 

“United Way is already plugged into the community and will find ways to distribute the funds fairly to other local organizations that might not otherwise make it,” Lane explained. “It’s great knowing you’re part of a community…and we could do something from our homes to help.” 

You can join the thousands of Chicagoans who’ve helped our neighbors during this difficult time. Donate to the Chicago Community COVID-19 Response Fund today!