When she graduated college, Keisha Conway didn’t think she could give back to her community in meaningful ways. To her, investing in her neighbors required a big bank account or prestige. 

In the decade since, she’s changed her thinking — she realized that she can uplift her neighbors in small and big ways. And United Way has helped her do so!

As the executive assistant to the president of Rush University Medical Center, Keisha runs the United Way fundraising campaign in her office. Working with a committee of colleagues, she helps set the strategy for meeting a fundraising goal and engages Rush employees to donate or volunteer with our community partners. 

Thanks to the support of our corporate partners like Keisha, we’re able to fulfill our mission of building stronger families and neighborhoods. 

“Giving back doesn’t always have to have a monetary value. It can be about giving your time, rolling your sleeves up and actually going into a community,” Keisha said. 

A resident of Bronzeville, one of United Way’s Neighborhood Network communities, Keisha appreciates that her role as a volunteer and donor contributes to the success of her neighbors. She’s also motivated to be an advocate for people who are overlooked or fighting against the odds, like teenage moms who receive supportive services at New Moms, a United Way community partner.  

“I’ve been there. I, myself, grew up in this city as a teenage mom,” Keisha said. “Life takes many turns and sometimes you need help, but that doesn’t mean that you should be treated differently than anyone else.” 

In her five years leading the Rush campaign, Keisha’s been grateful for the relationships she built with United Way staff, including our fundraising team who work alongside her to run the campaign. “These relationships mean a lot to me, and not just in a networking capacity, just meeting good people who are doing good work.” 

Likewise, Lauren Welke, a United Way relationship manager who works closely with our corporate partners, is proud to partner with Keisha, who she describes as a “powerhouse professional.” 

“Keisha knows her organization and the thirst of her teammates,” Lauren raved. “She cares deeply for her community and all who live there.” 

Like Keisha and Rush, you and your company have the power to build a stronger Chicago region by becoming a United Way corporate partner! Learn how you can get involved.