In a large warehouse just south of McKinley Park, Anthony Lighthall and his colleagues at National Futures Association (NFA) prepared for a busy day of community service.

Outside of his human resources role at NFA, Anthony leads the company’s workplace campaign. He encourages his fellow employees to support United Way and facilitates service projects that advance our mission to build stronger neighborhoods.

“I’m happy to be partnering with United Way and I’m very excited to spearhead the campaign and be a leader this year,” Anthony said. “United Way really helps out in communities. It’s very rewarding to be a part of.”

Hosting a Day of Service is one of the many ways our corporate partners, like Anthony and NFA, can get out into the community and support their neighbors. Some projects assist United Way partners with an ongoing need, such as organizing baby goods and snacks into kits for new moms or kids in after-school programs. Others address a specific need, like cleaning up a playground or painting a school.

For NFA’s Day of Service in late March, Anthony led a project with Catholic Charities. For the entire day, he and his team sorted and packed bags of food and household goods to be delivered to low-income seniors living in neighborhoods with limited access to fresh foods and higher rates of hunger.

With these goods, these neighbors can rest assured that they know where their next meal is coming from. Thanks to the support of volunteers, they won’t have to stress about traveling to a food pantry or going hungry for the week.

Anthony’s strong desire to give back isn’t the only quality that made him a great fit to lead this project and NFA’s fundraising campaign. Along with his upbeat personality, Anthony is inspired to bring neighbors together. He recognizes how strong bonds between community members can spur long-term change – the essence of our mission here at United Way.

“We all have busy lives,” he said. “We go to work and come home. But getting to know the people next door or in your neighborhood is very important. We need to build that trust and help each other out.”  

Looking for opportunities for your company to invest in change? Check out our Volunteer Page! When we all participate, we can help ensure that our neighbors have the tools they need to reach their full potential.