Diapers and formula for Women United's Baby Supply Drive filled Sarah's trunk in 2020

Sarah Hughes was looking for a way to support her community. It was summer of 2020, during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic, when she saw a flyer from Women United, the United Way of Metro Chicago affinity group, calling for diaper and formula donations. She immediately took action.

“I rallied my coworkers and collected $800 and then filled my SUV with stuff from the store,” Sarah said. “It was perfect timing.”

Her team at Deloitte is generous – and no stranger to United Way. Like many of her colleagues, Sarah has been donating to United Way through Deloitte’s employee giving program for years. Through a decades-long relationship, Deloitte professionals contribute more than $1 million each year to support our work in community, building thriving neighborhoods throughout the Chicago region.

Following the success of the diaper and formula drive, Sarah wanted to keep the momentum going and make an even greater impact. Now was her opportunity “to lend her experience and time,” she said. She joined Women United as a member in fall of 2020.

“During such an isolating time, it was great to have another community,” Sarah said. “I was excited to get involved right away, and it was incredibly meaningful to have a group of professional women facing similar experiences.”

Sarah leaned on her new community when she was promoted last year to managing director at Deloitte & Touche LLP, something she’d been working toward throughout her 16 years at Deloitte. She said her Women United crew was “rooting for me.”

“The connection with these fellow women during that time of transition meant a lot to me,” Sarah said.

Sarah is no stranger to leadership. She currently serves as chair of Women United’s Fundraising Committee. In addition, Deloitte hosted this month’s Women United breakfast networking event “Purposeful Transitions.” In celebration of Women’s History Month, keynote speaker Angela F. Williams, president and CEO of United Way Worldwide, shared what drives her passion for advancing equity and positive change in communities. View photos from the event here.

Sarah is passionate about bringing people together to support each other and their growth, while also doing good for the community and advancing equity on a larger scale.

“The variety in which United Way touches the community is really impactful,” Sarah said. “Thinking about the community as a whole and addressing those needs, that’s how we make a real difference.”

Join us! Learn more about building connection and supporting your community through Women United.