Photo of Amy Attenberger at Ribbon Cutting Ceremony

Amy holds the ribbon while Kimberly-Clark senior leaders perform the ribbon-cutting ceremony at the Chicago Commercial Center in Fulton Market.

Amy Attenberger Pride Parade

Amy pushes her daughters in a wagon at the 2023 Chicago Pride Parade, which Kimberly-Clark supported as a corporate sponsor.

Twenty years ago, Amy Attenberger donated $30 to United Way. In exchange, she got to wear jeans in the office for a month. Her gift was a part of Kimberly-Clark’s employee giving campaign, benefiting their local United Way in northeast Wisconsin.

As a new employee of Kimberly-Clark, Amy was unfamiliar with United Way and uncertain about the impact her donation to United Way could make. But her uncertainty was short-lived. “A community tour was the turning point,” she said.

“I saw the many ways that United Way helped our community, and it just really touched me. I remember being almost in tears as we visited the Boys and Girls Club, a women’s shelter, and a grief support group for children,” she said. “I started to lean in a little bit more.”

Amy leaned in a lot. United Way soon became her charity of choice, she said. “United Way became a part of me.”

So much so that when Amy, her wife, and their four children moved to the Chicago region a little over two years ago, she signed on to lead Kimberly-Clark’s employee giving campaign with United Way of Metro Chicago.

Kimberly-Clark had just relocated their office from Neenah, Wisconsin, to Chicago. Amy, now the director of omni-channel marketing for Kimberly-Clark, saw the campaign leader role as an opportunity to connect with her colleagues. Many of them were new – just like her two decades ago, when she was unfamiliar with Kimberly-Clark’s longstanding partnership with United Way.

“With Kimberly-Clark’s new presence in Chicago and nearly half of the employees in the Fulton Market office being new to the company, I saw an opportunity to be the bridge between our heritage of giving and the important role of building the ‘why’ behind the partnership with United Way to the folks new to Kimberly-Clark,” Amy said.

Kimberly-Clark’s history with United Way goes back more than 70 years. Nationally, in the last decade alone, Kimberly-Clark and its employees have contributed more than $65 million to United Way to improve lives and build stronger communities. All employee donations made through the annual campaign giving-portal are matched by Kimberly-Clark, dollar-for-dollar.

“Honoring history and cultivating partnerships is so important when you work in a 152-year-old company,” Amy said. “For me and for my colleagues, it feels good to give back to the communities where we live and work, especially when doing so is directly aligned with our core Kimberly-Clark values: We care. We own. We act.”

Amy embodies these core values. And she’s committed to seeing the partnership with Kimberly-Clark and United Way of Metro Chicago grow. So much so that she’s “raised her hand” to lead Kimberly-Clark’s employee giving campaign for a second year.

“We’re going to keep growing this new relationship with United Way of Metro Chicago and build this into something that is really strong,” Amy said.

“Employee giving campaigns make an impact by rallying people around a shared cause that provides hometown support and helps us live out our values each and every day,” she added. “We’ve already proven that the partnership between Kimberly-Clark and United Way is there. So let’s just keep building.”

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