Communities Reconnect through Holiday Traditions and Service

All throughout the city and suburban region—no matter the circumstances—people have found ways to connect and support each other, to celebrate diverse cultural traditions and our shared humanity, from tree and Menorah lightings to parades and winter markets.

BPNC Immigrant Program Encourages Residents to Stay in the Neighborhood

Brighton Park is a family-oriented community made up of immigrants. With neighborhoods shifting due to gentrification, immigrant families seek to stay connected to their new communities and their culture.

Neighbors Call for Mental Health Treatment, Not Further Trauma

BPNC Inspires Neighbors to Vote

COVID-19 Fund Helps Families Find Financial Relief

A Community of Compassion for Mental Health

More Than Educating, BPNC Helps Students Heal

A Warm Place for Kids to Dream

Brighton Park Students Rally Youth for Change

A few weeks ago, more than 400 youth from six Brighton Park schools met to tackle some of the challenges they face in their community — from police violence and unhealthy relationships to adultism and violations of immigrants’ rights.

The Long-Lasting Impact Of Collective Action