Los padres embajadores de Cicero ayudan a los niños, a la comunidad y a sí mismos

Cicero Parent Ambassadors Help Kids, Community, Selves

Cicero Collaborative Feeds Community

Community Organizations Build Towards Racial Equity

Uplifting Undocumented Students in Cicero

Las mamás de Cicero les enseñan a los padres la importancia de la educación temprana

Cuando niña, en México, a Sofía Gutiérrez le dijeron que no necesitaría educación más allá de la escuela primaria, por lo que nunca continuó estudiando. Pero a medida que avanzó en la vida y se transformó en madre de dos curiosos niños, se dio cuenta de que la educación no era algo frívolo, sino necesario.

Cicero Moms Teach Parents Importance of Early Ed

As a child growing up in Mexico, Sofia Gutierrez was told she wouldn’t need an education beyond elementary school, so she never pursued it. But as she moved through life and became a…

Business Professionals Prepare Youth for Success

Mentoring, at its core, provides a young person with an adult figure who is invested in their future. It’s someone who’s in their corner that they can look up to and help them navigate their day-to-day challenges. For Justin, a shy high school freshman enrolled in the Stay In School initiative having a mentor made all the difference in his academic and career pursuits.

Cicero: Where The Community Leads, We Follow

Though United Way is a leader within the nonprofit sector, when it comes to our work in community, we’re happy to ride shotgun and let residents take the reins. Where they lead us, we follow, offering support and guidance to tackle the problems they prioritize. We take this approach, because, too often, the voices that deserve to be heard in a community are left out of conversations. When it comes to discussions about change and revitalization, this should never be the case.

400 Families Receive Holiday Gifts

Our Adopt-a-Family program supports families in need in Brighton Park, Cicero and Robbins/Blue Island. This year, 2,016 individuals received gifts ranging from clothing to kitchen wear to bicycles. We distributed the gifts to families in each neighborhood during festive holiday parties.