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Days of Action

Would you like to get out of the office and into the community for a day or a few hours? Through our Days of Action, we offer a variety of opportunities to work with United Way community partners. Projects range from tending a community garden to restocking inventory at a local food pantry—and more.

If you are interested in learning more about United Way volunteer opportunities and how you and your team can get involved, please complete a Day of Action application, visit our volunteer calendar, or sign up for our monthly newsletter to receive updates on opportunities.


Care Projects

Volunteerism is a great way to cultivate team spirit while addressing the issues facing our region. Through our Care Projects, you and your company can help meet some of your neighbors’ basic needs without ever leaving the office!

Care projects can either be facilitated by a United Way team member or self-facilitated by you or a member of your team using instructions provided by United Way. Options range from literacy kits for kids to kits for families and new parents. Visit the Care Project page to learn how you and your company can get involved.

Featured Volunteer Events

For Individuals and Corporate Partners


Austin Coming Together Community Gardens

Austin Coming Together's Garden Collective is looking for volunteers to lend a hand during their Volunteer Saturdays at many of Austin's amazing Community Gardens. These ongoing projects take place at various locations across Chicago on Saturdays between May 18 through September 14.
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For Individuals and Corporate Partners


South Side YMCA Produce Day

South Side YMCA is seeking volunteers to assist with their monthly food (produce) distribution event that brings food to hundreds of low-income seniors and families in food-insecure communities. These opportunities take place every third Tuesday (Sept. 17, Oct. 15, Nov. 19, Dec. 17).
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Give Time.

Share your time. Share your talents. Share your love for community.

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