Removing barriers to living wage jobs

HIRE360 launched in December 2019 as a workforce development and small business support program, designed to expand on the success of Access United which helped to place more than 70 qualified candidates into apprenticeship programs.
HIRE360 programs and initiatives will continue to provide prospective applicants with job training, guidance and financial assistance. The program will also invest financial and mentoring resources to support MBE/WBE firms in communities across the Chicago region.

Benefits of becoming an apprentice

Paid on-the-job training

Start off earning around $20 per hour while learning on the job

Debt-free education
Get paid to learn on the job

Marketable skills for life

Gain state-of-the-art training in over 20 high demand construction trades careers

Living wages

Within 5 years, construction workers make $40 per hour or more

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If you are interested in learning more about career opportunities or how your organization can receive support, visit the HIRE360 Website.


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