Blue Island/Robbins Community Vision

Improving outcomes for families by addressing food insecurity and other basic needs.

Neighborhood Network in Action

The Blue Island /Robbins Neighborhood Network is committed to creating a more vibrant community for every resident by improving household incomes, access to quality health care, and access to healthy foods.

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Creating a More Vibrant Community

  • Blue Island/Robbins is actively promoting comprehensive health services through a collaborative of healthcare providers and partners.
  • The Network is working to bring a grocery store to the area to increase the overall health and livability of Blue Island/Robbins communities.

Coalition Highlights

The Neighborhood Network has taken great strides in achieving their community vision. Moving forward, they’re working to identify additional ways of addressing food insecurity in their community.

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Community Support

  • The Network expanded their food giveaway services to respond to the increased need of residents in the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic and racial unrest.
  • Local food pantry Blue Cap has increased its services during the pandemic including providing PPE and other vital items residents needed.
  • Received family initiative grant which has provided assistance to 50 families in the Blue Island/Robbins neighborhood.

Hear from your neighbors and supporters

Kentric Benson

Blue Island/Robbins Neighborhood Network Project Coordinator for Metropolitan Family Service

“One thing that we found as we began to create the network was that there are lots of resources in our community but not many of the residents know how to access them. Quite frankly, not a lot of them know that these resources exist especially when it comes to mental health.”

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