Evanston Community Vision

By the age of 23, all Evanston young adults will be on the path to leading satisfying and productive lives.

Neighborhood Network in Action

Using a “collective impact” strategy, The Evanston Neighborhood Network, with lead partner Evanston Cradle to Career, is using a “collective impact” strategy to overcome the obstacles that have created long-standing inequities by identifying gaps, challenging systems, and building trust among all facets of their community.

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Collective Strategies

  • Educating and supporting parents as their child’s first teachers
  • Building teacher training and support in delivering trauma-informed classroom practices
  • Building capacity in mental health for children and families
  • Creating a smooth transition between pre-and kindergarten classrooms

Coalition Highlights

The Evanston Neighborhood Network has leveraged community-wide partnerships to help provide the foundation for youth success.

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Youth Programs and Initiatives

  • EC2C School District 65, the Evanston Park District, and other nonprofit partners approved automatic scholarships for children who qualify for free or reduced lunch.
  • Created a Talk, Read, Sing Initiative to engage healthcare and other providers in sharing information with parents around early child development.
  • Established Mayor’s Employers Advisory Council to align student preparation with employer needs, building pathways to livable wage careers.

Community Programs and Trainings

  • Worked with partner organizations to create a trauma-informed city, engaging professionals, community members, and faith-based leaders.
  • Created Advocates for Action, offering leadership training and stipends to community members to ensure diverse voices in guiding the work of EC2C.
  • Hosted Beyond Diversity and SEED equity trainings for 650 individuals, including program staff, board members, public servants, and community members.

Hear from your neighbors and supporters

Maggie Blinn DiNovi

CEO of Youth and Opportunity United (Y.O.U.)

“Evanston Township High School is a well-resourced school, but there’s an achievement gap. We’re addressing the opportunity gap between high-income and low-income students. It’s not about competing with [the school]. It’s about what else do students need? This is a place that kids are comfortable, and they’ve developed relationships that help them really realize their fullest potential.”

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