West Chicago Community Vision

Enhance the health, safety, and well-being of children and families to reach their full potential.

Neighborhood Network in Action

With a coalition of 42 Network partners, six family liaisons, three community mental health clinicians, and six working groups, the West Chicago Neighborhood Network is committed to supporting and enhancing the health, safety, and well-being of children and families through a collaborative, coordinated, and comprehensive approach from West Chicago schools and community.

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A Common Agenda

The Neighborhood Network’s six working groups have created a Common Agenda that includes:

  • Children and families have access to and the opportunity for continual learning. (Academic Achievement)
  • Community partnerships help families and children, 0-8 years old, build strong relationships through access to play and learning opportunities. (Early Childhood)
  • Families will pursue and continue to improve their physical health and emotional well-being (Youth and Family Health); have a sense of belonging and are informed and invested in building their community (Community Engagement); and are economically stable (Stable Families).
  • Schools and community are aware of and prepared for emergencies. (Emergency Preparedness)

Coalition Highlights

The West Chicago Neighborhood Network has leveraged relationships and partnerships to create a healthier community for children and families.

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Partnerships and Communication

  • The West Chicago Early Childhood Collaboration was reinstated with the Birth-5 Community School Coordinator as the facilitator.
  • Joie Frankovich and Marjory Lewe-Brady’s article, “Achieving Collective Impact: Community School Strategies for a Suburban Environment,”
    which highlights WeGo Together’s work, was published in Children & Schools Journal.
  • An average of 45 individuals attend monthly partnership meeting in support of WeGo Together’s strategies.

Hear from your neighbors and supporters

Ciara Thomas

Community School Coordinator, West Chicago District 33

“Our mission is really to work with the parents to build advocacy skills, to work on leadership opportunities and then find different committees or building bases in the schools or communities where the parents feel empowered and welcome to share their voice at the table.”

Ma. Elena Gonzalez

WeGo Together for Kids leadership training participant; West Chicago mother of two

“What has impacted me the most is to know myself more—to know what I can do and what I can become…. I feel fulfilled as a person. I feel enthusiasm for myself that I managed to make this goal and that I can achieve more and go further.”

Margi Schiemann

Director of Community Affairs, Nicor Gas

“It’s through these partnerships and efforts that we see firsthand the results of the investment we have made and will continue to make in Northern Illinois communities.”

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